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Based on Signcomplex's strong R&D and innovation capabilities,
we will launch 4-5 market-competitive explosive products every month.

Special Strip Special Strip
Neon Strip Neon Strip
Normal Series Normal Series
DC48V Constant-current Strip
DC48V Constant-current Strip
  • Only one-end powered, constant-current design can ensure 50 meters have the same brightness.

  • Over-heat & reverse-input protection, ensure good performance and long lifespan.

  • The input voltage range is 46-50V DC, wide input range can comply with most of the power supply sold in the market.

  • Minimum cuttable length is 100mm, can meet different installation length.

  • CRI80 and CRI 90 are both available, with high color consistency.

360° Lighting neon strip
360° Lighting neon strip

● Good softness, highly malleable

● Various LEDs available, more uniform luminescence, no graininess on close inspection, soft light

● Good waterproof effect, safer application

● Easy to install

Widely used in hotels, shopping malls, furniture, cabinets, shelf, as decoration lighting, direct lighting or indirect lighting.

2835 Super High Quality Strip Ppass Series
2835 Super High Quality Strip Ppass Series
  • Special FPC board and PCB treatment process to enhance light reflection and heat dissipation, bring better weather resistance and excellent visual effects.

  • Use the latest phosphor technology for reference, improve the red purity, increase the color gamut coverage area, and make R9 and Ra improve in both directions.

  • Quality SMD2835 0.2W LED provides unparalleled design-in Flexibility for LED strips application.

  • Waterproof or non-waterproof optional, applicable to more scenarios

Venus Flood Light Venus Flood Light
Cibay-H Series Cibay-H Series
TPB Series TPB Series
Venus Series Flood Light
Venus Series Flood Light

The Flood Light Venus series has an innovation design and different optics for the best performance in the lighting distribution. Whole fixture uses outdoor electrophoresis and powder coating with strong anti-corrosion treatment. 

  • Buckle design, tool-free open and maintenance, wiring and lens replacement.

  • Power and CCT adjust, greatly reduces stocking SKU.

  • External vent/Respirator: Avoid internal fogging and frosting.

  • Wide choice of optics to suit more applications: asymmetrical and symmetrical.

  • 5mm thickness durable tempered glass ensure lK08.

Cibay-H Series High Bay Light
Cibay-H Series High Bay Light

Cibay-H series products have pluggable expansion interface. The interface adopts a new generation of independent patent design. The required functional modules can be inserted into the interface to obtain the corresponding functions, plug and play, without wiring, which greatly saves labor costs.

- Built in power supply, ultra-thin design, reduce 50% freight.

- Plug&play sensor, like Motion sensor, PIR, Daylight sensor and Bluetooth are available.

TPB Integrated Tri-proof Light
TPB Integrated Tri-proof Light

TPB is a modular designed,highly durable,robust water-proof and dustproof light.With a uniform light distribution designed for industrial applications. The flexible rust and corrosion free mounting clamps for wall / ceiling provides very easy installation.

  • Modular design:Single installation,Cable connection & seamless connection optional.

  • Plug & play sensors and emergency modules:Easy & flexible installation,can be installed wherever needed.

  • Tool free installation:10s to complete the installation.

  • Self-Diagnostic Emergency driver:Automatic monthly & annual testing.

  • CCT & power tunable :Less SKU.

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