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Social Responsibility

Environment and sustainable development has become an issue that human society must face and solve. As a manufacturer of LED lighting industry, we fully consider the light environment of commercial and residential space when providing LED luminaires and lighting solutions, to promote the protection of the global environment.

Signcomplex and Environment

Signcomplex and Environment

Fulfilling the responsibility of environmental protection and promoting the harmonious development between man and nature is an important part of Signcomplex's sustainable development. Over the years, we have been committed to promoting green design and production.

Improve the environmental management system 

Implement an environmental management system, carry out comprehensive environmental control, achieve pollution prevention, continuous improvement, energy-saving, and consumption reduction.

Fully implement environmental education 

Actively abide by relevant environmental laws and regulations and properly dispose of production waste, wastewater and gas according to the law; realize the concept of environmental protection and sustainable management in production.

Environmental protection in production activities 

Use recyclable, green, energy-saving, and harmless materials as much as possible to reduce environmental load and energy consumption, such as water and electricity, and promote the development of the circular economy industry.

Product Quality and Service

Product Quality and Service

With the purpose of providing high-quality products and services, Signcomplex is dedicated to improving the quality management system, enhancing product quality, fully meeting customer needs, to provide products and services that exceed expectations for global customers.

Product quality control 

Design and manufacture from customers’ perspective, strictly carry out quality inspection, strive for excellence, constantly surpass and innovate, and continuously improve product value.

Product safety and after-sales service 

All products are CE-certified as well as RoHS compliant, and some products are UKCA, UL, FCC, DLC, and Energy Star compliant. All products are not harmful to humans with a 3-5 years warranty.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Signcomplex promises to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and share value with suppliers in procurement. In order to promote the effective solutions to supply chain issues, we work closely with suppliers, especially in the procurement of raw materials and parts related to health, safety and environmental protection, and actively talk with partners and explore solutions to problems.

Enterprise and Employees

Enterprise and Employees

Abide by all laws and regulations 

The company's business activities comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and recognized international conventions.

The company operates in compliance with all environmental or social responsibility laws and regulations in the legal systems applicable in all regions of the world. The company accepts the supervision of society and fully supports the ten principles of the Global Compact, and has also made the Commitment Statement on Compliance with the Non-use of Conflict Minerals - this statement is valid for the long term.

Respect the rights of employees 

We value employees' right to development, recognize diverse cultures, uphold the principle of appointment based on ability, morality, and loyalty, protect labor rights, and fair employment, protect women and children, and eradicate forced labor and illegal discrimination.

Ensure employee health and safety 

We focus on employees' health and workplace safety to ensure a safe working environment and prevent accidents, illnesses and injuries.

Standardize ethical business behavior 

Promote anti-bribery and anti-corruption, and establish a code of conduct for social responsibility and business ethics.

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