Signcomplex Limited.
Signcomplex Limited.
Signcomplex Limited.
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17 Years
Founded in 2006
50,000㎡ Factory
50 +Countries
Sales to 50 countries
200 +Patents
More than 200 patents
Signcomplex's LED light is energy-saving and can help you save costs, thus creating an eco -friendly office for you.
Signcomplex industrial lighting series can meet the lighting requirements in such places as workshop, warehouse, tennis court, supermarkets, factory, etc .
The correct use of lighting can enhance customer's shopping experience, making store more attractive and employees more satisfied.
Lighting plays a significant role in hotel design, by taking advantage of lighting, hotel designer can create a unique and unforgettable experience for customer.
Art & Culture
Better display the artwork's colors, highlight its distinctive characteristics and create visual contrast effect, so as to bring out visitors' feeling and attract more visitors
Lighting is of great significance in healthcare industry, improving both the patient experience and the job satisfaction of paramedic.
Extensive selection of residential lighting fixtures of Signcomplex, giving you plenty of choices for all you interior and exterior spaces.
Smart lighting system can provide ideal lighting effect, beautiful lighting will make citizens feel safe and happy.
As digitization becomes more prevalent, supermarkets must explore a brand new mode to attract customers and improve in-store experiences.
Attract citizens and visitors through distinctive visual experiences and create a unique city image to promote the development of tourism.

Signcomplex Ltd, founded in 2006, dedicated to R&D and production of smart lighting, health lighting and general lighting luminaires. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise with ISO 9001 quality system, ISO 14001 environmental system and SGR system certification.

OEM/ODM Service
Customize 4-5 products every month. Whether you are doing engineering or commerce, we can achieve every light according to your creative
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