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As office environment is constantly shifting from a traditional working environment to a customer-facing environment. Dimly lit offices are no longer an option, brightly lit workplaces that promote products and services are the way forward, with more and more companies swapping out their existing fluorescent mix of lighting to LED equivalents. Human-centric lighting technology by Signcomplex meets or exceeds applicable workplace standards. Linear office lighting can improve motivation, support a positive attitude and atmosphere, and enhance employee satisfaction and work efficiency. In line with the "people-oriented" concept, Signcomplex has a wide range of luminaires suitable for all kinds of offices including traditional and high-end office environments.
Light is becoming increasingly important in the industrial sector as modern industrial lighting is able to cut operating costs due to cutting-edge, energy-efficient lighting technology, improve visual conditions and help concentration with Human Centric Lighting and simultaneously improve productivity and operating safety, as well as protecting the environment by integration into control networks. Another aspect to consider is that legislative regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. Signcomplex industrial LED lighting provides powerful, long-lasting illumination for warehouse lighting, high-bay lighting, low-bay lighting, and wet location lighting. Products include high bay light, corn lamp, wall pack, shoebox, tri-proof lamp and retrofit.
As we know, visual merchandising is of significance to shops, boutiques and shopping centers. Lighting design and collocation varies with merchandise categories, retail mode, brand image and interior decoration. In the era of experience economy and that e-commerce is highly developed, shopping environment is also the key to attract customers while lighting plays a critical role in the modern retail environment. Signcomplex offers a wide range of flexible options to fascinate and surprise your customers while lowering your energy bill. In addition, adaptable lighting and control technology from Signcomplex can cater to varying needs while helping to create a unique, lively and enjoyable shopping environment so as to attract customers and boost sales. 
There is no doubt that lighting plays a critical role in hotel design. Hotel lighting design is not only for illumination, but also to create atmosphere and improve decoration effects. LED light becomes the new favorite of hotel because of its eco-friendly feature, high controllability and excellent lighting effect. Signcomplex provides various LED lights suitable to hotel lighting, such as LED strip, downlight, linear light, table light etc. Signcomplex strikes a perfect balance among lighting quality, energy efficiency and lighting effects. The cutting-edge technology and beautiful appearance of Signcomplex LED lights help hotel save electricity and create comfortable environment for customers.
Art & Culture
Our lives are enriched by art. Through art we expand our horizons and enter new worlds. The type of lighting used in art exhibition, museum and other scenes, has a far-reaching influence on their identity. In a museum space, daylight and artificial light are of fundamental importance because they guide people emotionally. The lighting makes it possible to illuminate all the facets of the artwork and to structure exhibitions. In the case of lighting for art and culture, effective but gentle accent lighting which does not produce damaging UV/IR radiation is especially important. Intelligent control systems and appropriate luminaires of Signcomplex can be used to make sure that brightness and color temperatures are always adjusted to suit the needs of particular art scenes. 
Light influences our health and well-being more than we know. Be it for clinics, rehabilitation or care facilities, or doctors' practices: Signcomplex offers you intelligent lighting solutions for all application areas. This concerns more than merely the illumination of rooms – the right light creates a sense of well-being for patients and also enables doctors and care personnel to work with high levels of concentration. For instance, with low light pollution and excellent protection from eyestrain, Signcomplex LED round panel light can perfectly replace traditional downlight. Also, Signcomplex LED tube contains no mercury and other hazardous material, and has high luminous flux and wide beam angle. Both of them are applicable to be used in hospital. Signcomplex also has other LED lights for healthcare.
Whether it’s for a single-family home or multifamily housing, residential lighting needs to be functional, aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. Effective residential lighting from led strip can enhance the desirability of a home or housing complex, highlighting its best features and increasing the functionality of spaces. Proper lighting can also reduce energy use and increase safety. Signcomplex’s extensive selection of residential lighting fixtures gives you plenty of choices to meet those requirements for all your interior and exterior spaces—kitchen to bathroom, living room to bedroom, hallway to closet, garage to landscape. Focusing on users’ experience, Signcomplex provides eco-friendly and high-quality residential LED light, and reduces maintenance through longer life and better design.
Whether a city is beautiful or not and develops well or not can be seen from its night scene. The charm of a city at night is distinct from the day time. Lighting plays a critical role, which lights up the city and enriches our nightlife. Signcomplex provides LED flood light, wall washer, projector light, waterproof LED strip and so on, committing itself to enhance the charm of architecture.
In order to increase sales, supermarket not only has to provide various products, but also needs to create a warm and comfortable environment to make customers feel relaxed and be willing to shop there. Therefore, ensuring an appropriate LED supermarket lighting is of great necessity. With traditional lighting such as fluorescent, they can flicker, buzz, or output low quality light which can cause customers to leave early, not return, or complain. Signcomplex LED lights, with varieties of supermarket lighting solutions for you to choose from, help to better display products and enable employees to concentrate on work, meeting special lighting requirements in all area of supermarket and lighting supermarket brightly. Signcomplex provides linear light, track light, high CRI strip, downlight, shop light, etc. for supermarket.

Signcomplex aims to responsibly design the complete urban landscape together with you for the benefit of society, enabling as many people as possible to better experience the charm of landscape. Signcomplex offers LED flood light, wall washer, projector light, waterproof LED strip and so on, for landscape lighting. 

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Signcomplex Ltd., situated in 2006, is a state-level high-tech company and TüV ISO 9001:2015 licensed and registered company. Currently, there are over one thousand employees and a fabrication area of greater than 40,000 square meters. Our business enterprise has superior LED luminaire manufacturing facilities such as auto SMT machines, reflow soldering machine, and expert test machine, such as IP68 water-proof degree test machine, integrating spheres, AOI tester, RoHS scanner, etc. We additionally have a trained QC group to ensure the great of all the products.

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