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What Are the Differences Between LED 2216 and 2835?

Mar, 15, 2023


The concept difference between LED 2216 and 2835

LED 2216 and 2835 are both members of the SMD LED series. LED 2216 is the smallest version, but it is packaged with stable gold wire. More LEDs can be placed on the PCB because of its small size (2.2mm long and 1.6mm wide). The high density of LEDs on flexible PCB boards means brighter light but no shadows or dark areas. It is generally used as a light source for LED lamps and profiles. SMD 2216 can be used in different white color temperature LED light strips: 2700k warm white, 3000k soft white, 3500k warm white, 4000k, 5000k, 6000k cool white.

LED 2835 is a high-power surface-mounted ultra-bright LED with 0.1W, 0.2W, and 0.5W. It is calculated based on the size of the rear-chip LED chip because of its size of 2.8 (length) × 3.5 (width) × 0.8 (thickness) mm. It is named 2835 LED chip. 5050 LED chips are also LEDs, with a size of 5mm * 5mm * 1.6mm and a brightness of up to 5500-6000MCD (pure white light, slightly lower for warm light). The working voltage is the same as ordinary LED, only 3.2-3.4V, and the current is the same, all 60MA. These two models are also the most common surface-mounted LED chip types on the market.

The advantages of LED 2216 and 2835

LED strip 2216 and 2835 are the most innovative LED lamps. LED 2216 and strip LED 2835 are more advantageous in application, using small size and slim shape of 22*16mm for a wide viewing angle. Each LED consumes 0.06w, which means only 18w is consumed for 300 LEDs. They have similar energy-saving lighting efficiency as SMD2835 but are smaller.

The production efficiency of SMD2216 is higher than that of large-size SMDs such as SMD5050, SMD3528, SMD2835, saving costs. SMD2216 LED has a small volume and more flexible design, making it more suitable for irregular designs in lighting design applications, and installation and assembly are ideal and easier. People can choose from 120, 240, 250, 300, and 420 LEDs per meter according to the lighting area and brightness requirements. The color consistency and stability of SMD2216 are easy to control during mass production. If you are interested in more details about LED light, Contact LED strip manufacturer Signcomplex.

The types of LED 2216 and 2835

Compared with 2835 led strip light, SMD2216 has a more even and high-density LED light on the PCB, making it an ideal light source for LED linear lamps and profiles. People can also choose IP65, IP67, and IP68 waterproof versions for outdoor projects and external lighting systems. DC12V and DV24V are available for customers to choose from.

There are mainly two types of 2835 LED light strips: waterproof and non-waterproof. The waterproof lights are wrapped in silicone sleeves, making them moisture-proof and damp-proof. The non-waterproof lights are not affected by weather conditions and can only be used indoors. Waterproof lights are more expensive, but they provide additional benefits for outdoor use. If you are unsure about which type of light to purchase, it is best to err on the side of caution and use waterproof lights.