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Foldable Floor Lamp V2 Version

Foldable Floor Lamp V2 Version

  • Can be used for living room, bedroom, study room, recreation room, etc.

  • TUYA WIFI+Bluetooth, support Alexa, google assistant, remote control + controller

  • The lamp posture can be adjusted according to the customer's prefer ence,which can be hung on the wall as wall ambient light, With the base, it can be used as a floor ambient light. With the base, folded form upright, after the angle is adjusted at the top and the warm light color temperature is selected, the lamp can be used as a reading lamp.

  • The lamp is composed of four light modules, each luminousmodule can be operatedby APP and you can DIY various colors.

  • The entire lamp consists of 4 luminous modules. Each module can be rotated horizontally up to 270° and swung vertically up to 180°.

  • The positioning does not require external tools. The internal rotating shaft part adopts a special metal hinge commonly used in laptops, providing moderate and delicate damping, allowing for adjustment to any angle.





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