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HDMI Sync TV Backlight LED Strip Kit

HDMI Sync TV Backlight LED Strip Kit

  • Feeling a sense of immersion

Wired to HDMI SYNC, it uses NRZ code communication to synchronise

the image information of the input video device with the lighting

rendering effect, so that you can enjoy a great viewing atmosphere

experience and realize the flow of light

  • Stunning immersive experience

The local/external MEMS MIC picks up external sound sources and uses a fast Fourier

transform algorithm to precisely realise the sound frequency and light synchronisation

rhythm effect, enjoying the passionate sound field experience brought by audio and

feeling more deeply moved

  • Highly playable

Apply colour with ease and creativity

Adjust light effects in sections

Multi scene effect, support customization

  • Multi device end control

APP control

Voice control

2-in-1 HDMI Sync Control Box


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