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The Advantages and Maintenance Methods of LED Tri-proof Light

Mar, 22, 2022

Ⅰ. Advantages of LED tri-proofs lights over ordinary lights


Environmental protection of LED: LED spectrum has no ultraviolet and infrared rays, it contains low heat and no flash so that eyesight can be protected. Its waste can be recycled and doesn't contain pollution like mercury and other harmful elements. LED is safely contacted and is a real green lighting source.


LED three-proof light has a long service life. Generally speaking, LED Missing article Possibly missing article found. Replace with: an LED light source is called longevity light. There is no loose part in the light body, the filament won't easily glow and heats, so the service life of the LED three-proof light can reach 50,000 to 100,000 hours, more than ten times longer than the life of the traditional light source, greatly reducing the cost of replacement and protection.


Tri-proof lamp offered by a reliable led tri proof light manufacturer is energy-saving. Its power consumption is low because of the DC drive. Under the same lighting effect, LED tri-proof light saves energy at least 80% more than traditional light.


Ⅱ. The maintenance methods of LED tri-proof light


Avoid cleaning led tri proof light with water. Just wipe it with water with a dry rag. If you accidentally touch water, wipe it as soon as possible. Don't use a damp cloth to wipe the tri proof light immediately after turning it on.


To prolong the service life of the LED three-proof light, it is necessary to strengthen maintenance in use. Bedroom light should often be wiped with a dry cloth, to prevent moisture aggression, rust damage, leakage or short circuit phenomenon; The light installed in the toilet and bathroom must be equipped with moisture-proof lightshade, otherwise its service life will be greatly shortened; The light that is installed in the kitchen should prevent lightblack, because oily dirt can affect the brightness of the light; Pale lightshade transmittance is better, but easy to be stained with ash, should be diligent in wiping to prevent dust to affect the penetration of light; If the light is non-metal, wet cloth can be used to wipe to prevent dust accumulation and affect the lighting effect.


Damp can easily lead to light rust, paint off, but also shorten the service life of lights and lanterns. Accordingly, moistureproof is the key to light maintenance, especially the lights of toilet, bathroom and kitchen stove headlight, which must be installed with moistureproof lightshade to prevent damp invasion, rust, leakage and short circuit.


As reputable tri proof light manufacturers, we advise minimizing frequent switching when using LED tri-proof lights. This is because when the light is switched on, the current passing through the filament is higher than the normal operating current, leading to a sharp increase in filament temperature. This can significantly reduce the service life of the light. Therefore, it is recommended to lower the frequency of turning the light on and off to prolong its lifespan.