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Improve Office Lighting Environment, Create Comfortable Visual Effects

Mar, 22, 2022

Why do some offices make people feel depressed and dozy?

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While other offices make people feel comfortable and alive?

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The reason lies in that lighting is essential to office design and it directly affects our feeling and mood. The working time of most people exceeds 8 hours every day thus our eyes should be in a comfortable environment and the lighting environment should be helpful for us to be concentrated.

What should be pay attention to for creating ideal office lighting?

1. The lighting fixtures we choose should be flicker free.

As we know, flicker has adverse effect on our work efficiency, because invisible flicker will affect reading and cause eye fatigue, then result in loss of vision. Here is a simple method - we can use the camera of our cell phone to check whether the LED light we choose is flicker free or not. If there are fluctuating streaks on the screen, the LED light flickers. If there are no streaks on the screen, maybe the LED light is flicker free. But this method is not useful in all cases. Stroboscope that specializes in testing flicker will be more authoritative and scientific.

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Serious flicker

Double Flood Light

No flicker

2. Glare is irritating to eyes.

The lighting fixtures we choose should be anti-glare as glare is irritating to our eyes. Linear light and panel light that are anti-glare, and lighting fixture with baffle or anti-glare cover are all good choices. In addition, the installation position of lighting fixture should be scientific and reasonable to avoid direct or indirect glare.

3. Uniform illuminance. Improper brightness will cause eye fatigue.

4. Appropriate color temperature

In work area, we can choose lighting fixture whose CCT is between 5000-6000K, to make employees remain awake and calm. In leisure area, lighting fixture with CCT between 4000-5000K can make employees feel relaxed.

In conclusion, excellent lighting design can optimize office design and office space, improve employee satisfaction and their work efficiency and save cost for company.

In the field of office lighting, Signcomplex insists on people-oriented, green and energy-saving design concept, and focuses on customer experience, providing various LED lights to stimulate, enhance and create a comfortable office lighting environment, as well as promote the enthusiasm of employees and improve productivity. Signcomplex lighting designs and manufactures LED linear light, LED panel light and LED strip in China,  that is anti-glare and without flicker and buzzing, suitable for office lighting.