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Discover the Charm of Smart LED Lighting

Mar, 22, 2022

Have you ever met these situations?

Forgot to turn off the light when you're not at home.
Lying in bed but forget to turn off the lights.

Want to change the emitting color according to your mood.

Well, Signcomplex Bluetooth smart bulb lamp can help you solve these problems.

Cob Led Strip

Humanized design

With Wi-Fi/Bluetooth smart control, you can control your lights remotely wherever you are through the cell phone APP. Check if you have forgotten to switch your lights off before you left your home, and switch them on if you are working late.

Control with your voice

Signcomplex smart bulb lamp works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can control the lights with your voice. Switch your lights on and off. Dim to the desired brightness for a perfect ambiance. Even recall pre-set scenes, change colors and more - all without lifting a finger.

Change the emitting color according to your needs

Through the "Smart Life" APP, you can change the emitting color and brightness and set the scene mode you want. Warm white light can relieve your pressure and create warm and comfortable atmosphere. Cold white light makes you more concentrated when you’re working or studying. And if you want to hold a party at home, you can change the emitting color to match with the theme of your party.

Group control

Control multiple lamps at the same time on your phone.

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