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Increase Workplace Productivity via Office Lighting

Mar, 22, 2022

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Office environment has an enormous impact on our overall performance and working abilities. One of the main factors affecting office productivity and ability to focus is undoubtedly office lighting.

Whether we speak of big companies with hundreds of employees sitting in open space or smaller offices with small cabins, lighting makes an impact and should be considered during design and renovation. Here are three tips to help manage stress and boost productivity via office lighting.

Lighting color matters

Most of us might not be aware of the fact that the color of the light also contributes to overall well-being and influences mood. Colors which are visible from the shortest to longer wavelength such as orange, green and blue are proven to improve efficiency and focus.
Cool white color lights are chosen over soothing warm lights for commercial work spaces to improve attention and focus. These colors are more common to nature, thus giving a more natural look. So, thinking about color while making lighting decisions will be a good idea.

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Usher in more daylight

Natural light is a source of vitamin D. Exposure to natural lights increases the brain's release of a hormone called serotonin also known as 'happy hormone'. It is also proven that spending time in natural light relaxes the mind. Most of us nowadays spend our days working on smart-phones, ipads and computers and are devoid of access to natural light. Hence, opening up the shutters to your office and letting in some natural light will help everyone.

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Work with office design

Office design keeps changing from time to time. Office spaces have evolved from cubicles to open office floor. From aesthetics and psychology's point of view, integrating lighting with office design can boost employees' morale and come up with new and clear ideas.

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Lighting is all about arranging workstations in the correct place to let the light blend in the whole space equally. Hope you enjoy a good working environment.

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