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What Are the Characteristics of Multi-color LED Light Strips?

Apr, 24, 2023

Understanding of multi-color LED light strip

The color mixing principle of multi-color LED light strip is consistent with the principle of tricolor mixing of light. By integrating red, green, and blue monochromatic light emitting bodies into the LED light in a small area, controlling the light output of these three colors in different light intensities can mix the desired color. The output of different light intensities is achieved by controlling the duty cycle of the output pulse. If the pulse frequency is increased, the LED light will switch on and off at a high frequency, and the brightness will also differ. Because of the persistence of vision, the flicker phenomenon caused by the switch of LED light cannot be seen by the naked eye, only the adjustment of light intensity can be perceived. The longer the LED light is lit in a single control cycle, the higher the brightness and vice versa.

Features of multi-color LED light strip

Multi-color LED light strip has a wide range of applications in the market, and is chosen by many people because of its outstanding characteristics and many advantages. It mainly has the following features: Learn more about led strip light manufacturers in China and get more information about LED strip lights China.

  • The multi-color LED light strip has a white light source. The multi-color LED light strip adds a white light on the basis of a colour-changing light. This white light can have multiple adjustment modes, such as natural, soft, and eye-protection flicker or non-flicker, etc., providing users with a more diversified experience.

  • The multi-color LED light strip can produce a variety of colors compared with single color led strip. The multi-colour LED light strip has four types of lamp cores, namely, white, red, green, and blue. These four lamp cores and the hundreds of grayscale colors produced by them can be combined to form tens of thousands of colour combinations, so it can be used in multiple scene occasions such as KTV and parties.

  • Multi-color LED light strip is very intelligent. It can be said to be an upgraded version of the colour-changing light on the market, a new type of colour-changing light. After it is designed, it is designed to better serve human beings, providing convenience and allowing remote control to adjust the desired mode.

  • The multi-colour LED light strip has various modes. This type of light invention uses modular technology, so it can be adjusted to any shape according to human needs.

  • The multi-color LED light strip is very environmentally friendly. In terms of use, the multi-colour LED light strip can bring a relatively comfortable feeling, and it can save ten times more electricity than ordinary incandescent lamps. Moreover, it is very durable, and the duration of use can be up to 50,000 hours.

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