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What Are the Advantages of the Neon Flex LED Strip?

May, 16, 2023

Understanding Neon flex LED Strips

Neon flex LED strips have the characteristic of an even and continuous light, and have been widely used in the decoration lighting market for many years. They can be seen in commercial storefronts, signs, subtitles, hotel bars, building exteriors, and other decoration lighting locations. However, traditional neon lights use glass tubes, which have the drawbacks of being easily broken during packaging and transportation, and difficult to produce and install. LED flexible neon strips are a professional linear lighting decoration product that looks like a regular neon light strip, but can be flexed at will. This product has the functions of being anti-breakage and waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Advantages of Neon flex LED Strips

  • Traditional neon lights require large investments and have complex production processes, using glass tubes, high-voltage electricity, and inert gases, which is not convenient. Flexible Neon flex LED strips use a new structure and LED technology, with high-brightness LED bulbs wrapped in a special PVC shell, using unique optical technology and specially designed casings to not only increase the brightness and uniformity of the light, but also reduce production processes and increase production efficiency.

  • High brightness, the light source uses imported ultra-high-brightness LEDs connected in series, and the density of 80 LEDs/m or 90 LEDs/m provides overall illumination and high brightness.

  • Long-lasting durability: With the LED technology and new structure, this neon flex led strip has a super long operating life of up to tens of thousands of hours under any circumstances. Compared with glass neon lights, its durability is beyond question because there is no need to worry about the problem of glass breakage (PVC plastic lamp body).

  • Energy-saving: Flexible LED neon strips can save more than 70% of energy consumption compared to traditional neon lights. As one of the leading led strip light manufacturers, Signcomplex  provides high-quality and energy-saving flexible smd led strip and led neon strip.

  • Traditional neon lights use transformers to boost 220V voltage to 15,000V, causing inert gas in the glass tube to generate single-color light along the outline of the font. Two colors require two sets of glass tubes. If the font is too large, the center of the stroke will not be bright; if it is too small or too complex, it cannot be processed. Flexible Neon flex LED strips only require a working voltage of 24V and produce low heat, and can be cut to any length when installed. They can also be bent into different shapes (with a radius as small as 4 cm), and can be easily installed on different materials, such as wood, plastic, steel, or walls, using special rails to create different patterns according to the needs of the designer.

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