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What Are the Classifications of Neon Lights according to Their Functions?

Mar, 22, 2022

The crowded night market has always been the epitome of the neon city. The gorgeous colors of neon lights can show a variety of strong contrasts at the same time. It is the best testimony to the night in the artificial lighting era. Then what classifications can neon lights be used for? According to the function, it can be divided into two forms: advertising lighting and artistic contour lighting.

1. Advertising lighting of neon lights

Neon lights have the characteristics of saturated, multi-color and dynamic changes. The appearance of bright tones is synchronized with the bright tones, which can depict a bustling and gorgeous picture of the city at night, mainly to meet commercial purposes and improve the attractiveness of the eye. Therefore, at night, neon lights will be transformed into dazzling signs and advertising light boxes, dotted with every tiny corner of the city, giving the city more vivid vitality.

2. The artistic contour lighting of neon lights

The bright characteristics of neon lights are also an excellent magic weapon for decorating the interior space. The neon tube can be installed and inlaid on the decorative surface according to the set specific outline (such as curved window outline, ceiling shape, wall art decoration) to highlight the outline, creating a three-dimensional effect. For example, dessert shops use gorgeous flexible LED neon lights to outline the shape of the window, and use stainless steel to infect the colors of neon lights.

Whether it is outdoor or indoor, it creates a colorful American style, which meets the aesthetic needs of young girls for current popular elements. Consistent with the positioning of the store. Or in conjunction with other lighting methods, use neon lights hidden in the ceiling to enhance the artistic effect of the space. For example, the pink neon tube on the roof of the entire bar, combined with the surrounding chandeliers, as well as the occasional orange embellishment and Mondrian-style window grilles, can bring vitality to the bar.

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