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How to Choose the Right LED Tri-proof Light?

Jun, 26, 2023

LED tri-proof light purchase method

Choosing the right LED tri-proof light is quite difficult, you must do in-depth research and choose a suitable high-quality manufacturer. You will encounter many manufacturers, but making the right decision may become difficult for you. In order to simplify the decision-making process, you can adopt three methods: you can consult any professional manufacturer you know; you can consult friends who have used or are still using LED tri-proof lights; you can conduct research on the Internet. At this time, you need to read the buying guide. Now, if you choose any of these methods, you must consider several factors.

Factors to consider when choosing LED tri-proof lights

Environmental considerations

First, you should be very clear about the environment you plan to light up. This can make you clear about the size, type, lumens, IP rating and other factors of the LED tri-proof light. Once you have decided on this part. Now you must take the next step.

Determine the shape and size of the lamp

If you have observed all the environments and their requirements, you must decide on the fixed device. This is becauseLED tri-proof lights have different shapes and sizes. Therefore, you will not get lighting equipment that can be fixed in every space. You can solve this problem by measuring your space appropriately. This will let you know the total number and size of lamps. After completing this part, you must now move on to the next part; wattage selection.

Calculate wattage requirements

Based on your environment and working hours, you need to decide on the wattage of the led tri proof lamp. Wattage selection is important because it affects the three most important aspects of the lighting system. First, the monthly cost or electricity bill depends on the wattage of the lighting system. At this point, you need to calculate the wattage and then calculate the electricity bill. This can help you arrange the budget accordingly. Secondly, the power load of the space should also be considered when choosing the lighting system. If the power consumption of the selected system exceeds the space limit, a power load will be generated. Finally, you must decide on how much lighting you want based on the brightness. This can help you calculate the power of the system.

LED tri-proof light Color 

Choosing the right color for your LED tri-proof light is important. Selecting the wrong color can affect the efficiency of onsite workers. LED strip light manufacturers will offer a range of color temperatures to suit different working environments and tasks. They can also provide customized solutions to meet specific requirements. By working with reputable led strip light manufacturers, you should be able to find the right color for your LED tri-proof light.

Must calculate the lumen requirement

You should ensure that the selected product can provide sufficient brightness for your environment. It will ensure optimal performance. Brightness can be measured in lumens.