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How to Choose Commercial LED Fixtures for Business Space?

Jun, 12, 2023

Nowadays, in the business society, people have higher demands for commercial spaces. Commercial lighting has evolved into a marketing tool, as lighting design can attract and guide the attention of consumers. By shaping the spatial environment, it is possible to create captivating display spaces and images, using a variety of lighting techniques to showcase store themes and images, arousing associations and resonating with consumers, and establishing emotional communication with them. On different occasions and for different people, commercial lighting should give different feelings. Therefore, commercial lighting should be laid out in two aspects: attractiveness that gives people a bright feeling, and a comfortable ambient environment. So, how to choose commercial LED fixtures?

When choosing commercial LED fixtures, general lighting should be used to determine the store's visual tone

The shopping and leisure space of a store should use uniform and soft lighting. General lighting choice determines the visual tone of the entire store. In product display areas, corridors, and conference rooms, LED downlights and LED ceiling light series are generally used, with lights uniformly arranged and neatly symmetrical, creating a classic and simple visual tone. For different brand personalities and store styles, the selection of general lighting should be coordinated with them, and can be applied for general lighting use. As a professional led downlight supplier, Signcomplex  offers a wide range of high-quality cob downlight  for commercial lighting . No matter it is a restaurant, clothing store, club, or coffee shop, there must be a product suitable for you.

When choosing commercial LED fixtures, focus lighting should be used to create visual centers of stores and displays

After planning the general lighting for the store and counter, focus lighting should be selected. Focus lighting highlights the products that you need to display, making them stand out and shine in the environment. By using the brightness changes of lights, coupled with store layout and related display props, it highlights the flagship new products, profit products, promotional products, or discounted products that the merchant wants to push, making it easier for customers to pay attention to and choose these products, thus achieving the expected sales.

When choosing commercial LED fixtures, situational ambient lighting should be used to create personalized store spaces

A toy store and an SPA club need different lighting atmospheres. The lighting plan for different areas of the same store is also different, such as the entrance, display windows, counters, islands, shelves, models, and store auxiliary areas. For each area, situational ambient lighting matching the atmosphere creation, lighting control, consumer psychology, and building coordination should be selected.