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Gimble COB Downlight

Gimble COB Downlight

  • Use die-casting aluminum alloy as main-body material.

  • Adoption of Shinland efficient reflection cup + lens. The light spot is evener without overlapped light spots.

  • Unique and beautiful looking design, Beautiful surface treatment with texture.

  • Good heat dissipation performance guarantees the long lifespan, Small size, and large power.

  • Can replace traditional downlight.

Gimble COB Downlight


ModelColorLight Output (lm)LED TypePowerLED Qty.VoltagePF
ELE COB downlight 12Wwhite1080COB12W1pcs100-240V AC50/60Hz>0.9
ELE COB downlight 12Wneutralwhite1060
ELE COB downlight 12Wwarm white1050
ELE COB downlight 12Wwhite1030COB12W1pcs100-240V AC50/60Hz>0.9
ELE COB downlight 12Wneutralwhite1020
ELE COB downlight 12Wwarm white1010
ELE COB downlight 30Wwhite3040COB30W1pcs100-240V AC50/60Hz>0.9
ELE COB downlight 30Wneutralwhite2950
ELE COB downlight 30Wwarm white2530
ELE COB downlight 30Wwhite3010COB30W1pcs100-240V AC50/60Hz>0.9
ELE COB downlight 30Wneutralwhite2940
ELE COB downlight 30Wwarm white2660
ELE COB downlight 40Wwhite4290COB40W1pcs100-240V AC50/60Hz>0.9
ELE COB downlight 40Wneutralwhite4180
ELE COB downlight 40Wwarm white3830
ELE COB downlight 40Wwhite3680COB40W1pcs100-240V AC50/60Hz>0.9
ELE COB downlight 40Wneutralwhite4010
ELE COB downlight 40Wwarm white3950


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