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Advantages and Applications of the RGB 5050 SMD LED Strip

May, 23, 2023

Currently, surface-mounted LED chips are widely used in the market. RGB 5050 SMD LED strips, such as LED soft/hard light bars, outdoor billboards, electronic displays, traffic signal lights, signs, LED lighting modules, LCD backlight sources, and LED decorative lighting products, are the optimal solution and the best choice for LED lighting manufacturers.

Understanding RGB 5050 SMD LED strips

RGB 5050 SMD LED strip, also known as 5050 flexible led strip is commonly used LED chips with a 6-pin design that can be connected in parallel with three chips. The conventional RGB 5050 SMD LED strip usually uses three chips in parallel, with a power of 0.06W per chip and 0.2W for three chips. The driving current is 60MA, which is the most common and widely used 5050 chip. However, due to the bracket structure design, this chip does not have a heat dissipation design and cannot package high power. The maximum power is generally 0.2W, and the maximum current is 60MA. So, what are the advantages of using RGB 5050 SMD LED strip LED chips in LED soft light bars?

Advantages of RGB 5050 SMD LED strips

  • When used in soft light bars, RGB 5050 SMD LED strips produce pure, soft, and non-glaring light. They are especially suitable for illuminating museum exhibits, medicines, and jewelry, making gold, silver, and jewelry more sparkling and shiny.

  • RGB 5050 SMD LED strips use gold wires and are manufactured with a full copper thick bracket. During the manufacturing process of LED soft light bars, slight bending will not cause the chips to break or die, and they are easy to mold and suitable for various advertising shapes.

  • RGB 5050 SMD LED strips are cold light sources with low heat radiation, which will not affect the displayed items.

  • When used to make soft light bars, RGB 5050 SMD LED strips are energy-efficient and save more than 65% of energy compared to traditional lighting and decorative lamps, with better effect.

  • One type of RGB 5050 SMD LED strip is the side led strip that is designed to be mounted on the side of a surface, such as a wall or a piece of furniture. It provides accent lighting and create unique lighting effects. Like other RGB 5050 SMD LED strips, side led strips are energy-efficient and can be customized to produce different colors and lighting effects.

  • When used to make soft light bars, RGB 5050 SMD LED strips have an ultra-long service life, lasting up to three years after installation.

Applications of RGB 5050 SMD LED strips

RGB 5050 SMD LED strips are decorative lighting fixtures designed and produced based on surface-mounted 5050 LED chips as the light source and FPC circuit board as the carrier, with serial connection in the circuit and appropriate limiting resistors. They have the advantages of high brightness, flexibility, and ability to be cut to any length. RGB 5050 SMD LED strips have a wide range of applications, depending on their type, including product display cabinets, storefront decorations, ultra-thin lightbox backlight sources, hotel and KTV decorations, outdoor lighting, home ceilings, and entrance decoration. LED light strips and LED light bars have been widely used in the furniture, automotive, advertising, lighting, and shipbuilding industries.