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The Difference Between Rigid LED Light Strips and Flexible LED Strips

Jun, 05, 2023

LED light strips have been developed for many years and the technology of LED light strip brands has become very mature. I believe there will not be much change in the future. After the siege of big companies, the LED strip market has almost been "divided", and strict implementation of government frugality policies has greatly limited the market space of LED light strips. Many people in the industry have stated that the application scale of LED light strips will also tend to be stable in the future, and the market breakthrough will not be too big.

Rigid LED light strips and flexible LED light strips

On the one hand, the market space of LED light strips tends to be stable. On the other hand, due to the low threshold of LED light strips, many small and medium-sized enterprises have entered this field, leading to increasingly fierce market competition and shrinking profits. Many traditional LED light strip brands have begun to shift their attention or even completely give up LED light strip business and turn to other fields.

In terms of materials, LED light strips are divided into rigid LED light strips and flexible LED light strips. LED flexible light bars are divided into high voltage and low voltage, and hard light bars are mainly low voltage. LED hard light strips have good heat dissipation and relatively long service life, so they are widely used in high-end places where quality is required; LED soft light strips and LED flexible light strips are cheap and their shapes are easy to change, so they are favored by ordinary consumers in the market.

With the development of the times, people's activity space in indoor environments is getting larger and larger. LED light strips have gradually shown greater advantages in city and nature lighting than before. In addition, LED light strips have a long service life, are environmentally friendly, and are gradually appearing in various decorative fields. As a decorative lighting LED light strip, it can create beautiful and gorgeous lighting environment, highlight the scene effect, and make people feel more beautiful.

Understand the difference between rigid LED light strips and flexible LED light strips

Rigid LED light strips and flexible led strip have many similarities in function and design. The main difference between the two low-voltage linear lights is that the flexible strip provides the freedom to open corners and can adapt to almost any structure with a gradient curve or even an enlarged angle, while the rigid LED light strip can provide essential structural stability and rigidity. Straight-line lighting devices need to follow a straight line. Both types of LED light strips can be surface-mounted or installed in pre-arranged grooves. The usual approach is to contain the flexible LED light strip in an aluminum channel to form a rigid luminaire, which is called an LED profile. Rigid LED light strips are usually thinner than LED profiles. They are usually customized to fit narrow spaces for specific applications. In the design of rigid LED light strips, the utilitarian spirit takes priority over the beauty of the luminaire, while the appearance of LED aluminum profiles is often more beautiful.

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