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Signcomplex Attracted Many Customers with Innovative Products at Light+Building

Mar, 10, 2024

Signcomplex's booth is located in the International Brand Pavilion and has a relatively strong flow of people. In the first three days of the exhibition, the company's new light strip product series, including SOB series, Smooth line series and Ultra-long without solder points series products, attracted widespread attention, and all product information has been distributed. These new light strips have won unanimous praise from professional audiences for their high efficiency, innovative design and flexible application performance.

SOB series, Smooth line series and Ultra-long without solder points series products

The new product in the commercial lighting field - magnetic linkable linear light, gained special attention for its simple and convenient installation. This product not only reduces installation time and cost, but also provides extreme flexibility, allowing lighting designs to better adapt to the needs of different spaces. In addition, some of the private model industrial lighting and smart lighting products displayed by Signcomplex also performed well and received a lot of positive feedback.

commercial lighting field - magnetic linkable linear light

However, on the 4th and 5th days of the exhibition, the strikes at German railway stations and airports had an impact on the flow of people at the exhibition. Many customers ended their trips early, which led to a decrease in the number of people in the exhibition hall. Despite this, Signcomplex's booth still maintained high popularity, thanks to the innovative nature of the company's products and unique booth design.

Lighting Exhibition in Frankfurt

The Signcomplex team did not stop after the exhibition. They struck while the iron was hot and visited dozens of European customers to gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics and customer needs. Through in-depth communication with customers, Signcomplex has further grasped the pulse of the market and laid the foundation for providing better products and services in the future.

Participating in the world's largest lighting show before the production of Thailand factory is of great significance to Signcomplex. This exhibition not only demonstrated our technical strength and innovative ideas, but also gave us a deeper insight into market needs through close interaction with customers. Signcomplex will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, provide customers with more high-quality lighting solutions, and promote the development of the global lighting industry.

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