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How Important Is the Emergency Light?

Mar, 22, 2022

Electricity use reaches its peak in summer, which is more likely to cause fire. According to the report of Edgeprop on May 29, about 80 percent of fire cases in Sabah, Malaysia, have been due to electricity and non-compliance with wiring standards, as well as the use of non-compliant equipment, said by the Sabah State Fire and Rescue Department. We all know that a fire can cause serious damage or even death, so what can be done to help us escape quickly in the fire?

According to an experiment carried out by Ningbo (a city of China) fire rescue detachment, it was found that it’s hard for people to find the true exit in a fire accident without the exit sign and emergency light.

Downlight Led 18w

Signcomplex's ESA series LED exit signs feature compact and decorative design, quick connection, easy installation, long lifetime and energy saving. With injection molded thermoplastic ABS housing, it is suitable to be used in high temperature environment. It's available for wall, ceiling, recessed ceiling and wall bracket mounting. RoHS compliant, CE, SAA certified, more than 3 hours discharge duration.

Downlight Led 20w

In terms of our EMD series LED emergency downlights, the thermoplastic housing enables them to be used in high temperature environment. With oval Lens, and more than 3 hours discharge duration, it can be used for emergency illumination of escape routes. Available in recessed ceiling mounting and surface ceiling mounting, ENEC CB CE SAA certified and RoHS compliant. If you are interested in more details about LED emergency downlights, contact led strip supplier Signcomplex.

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