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How to Choose the Right Industrial LED High Bay Light?

Jun, 19, 2023

Understanding industrial LED high bay lights

When searching for the right lighting solution for your illumination needs, you can always find a plethora of lighting fixtures series. But which type of lighting you choose depends on the space or location where you're installing the lighting system.

You can always choose between large or small lighting solutions that provide different functionalities for office and residential lighting systems. However, for large spaces or venues such as garages, warehouses, stockrooms, and large sports halls with high ceilings, you need to find the right high bay lighting solution. Not just any high bay light, but specifically LED high bay lights instead of fluorescent lighting.

High-ceilinged spaces require high bay lighting systems for general illumination. It's not just an excellent solution for emphasizing a location, but also has several advantages. This is why industrial LED high bay lights occupy a dominant position in the industrial lighting fixtures. LED high bay lights are mercury-free, environmentally friendly, high-efficiency, and have a wide color temperature range.

How to choose industrial LED high bay lights?

Check the ceiling height of your location

Before finding the right LED high bay lights, the main thing you should check is the ceiling height of your needed space. If your ceiling is 20 feet or higher from the floor, that means the ceiling is high enough to install high bay lighting systems. If it's lower than that value, you can simply install standard light fixtures.

Identify the type of high bay light

There are various types of high bay lights available in the market that offer different functionalities and mounting fixtures. Therefore, when you purchase high bay fixtures, make sure to carefully inspect their lighting type. You might mistakenly purchase regular fixtures with insufficient lumens to light up the entire space or a reflection that doesn't suit the area's design.

Calculate the lumen output of industrial LED high bay lights

The lumen output determines the brightness of the high bay light fixtures. Fixtures with high lumens provide brighter light and adequate illumination to the whole area. And since you're using high bay lights, the fixture must have high lumen output in terms of ceiling height.

Consider looking for different fixture types according to location

You can now find various high bay fixture designs in the lighting industry. Rarely available fixture series are embedded dome, explosion-proof fixture, embedded groove, and more. Therefore, when choosing the right LED high bay lighting fixture, ensure that it creates the preferred outcome for your space.