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It is used for Sports Stadium, Field, High Mast, Airport Apron, Ports;LED stadium lights - the perfect high efficiency lighting solution for any sport application. The high quality of light from LED sports lighting fixtures allows for better safety and an improved experience for the fans . Also, LEDs offer tremendous energy savings, longer lifespans, and other benefits.
High Quality 3535 LED Chip
High brightenss, energy saving and environmental protection.
Light Shield Design
Can reduce light pollution, improve the utilization rate of lamps, Can also play a certain anti-glare effect.
Aluminum cold forging integral radiator
Advanced cold forging process, high heat dissipation efficiency. The lighting performance is reliable. The main body surface is sprayed with granular powder. It has weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
Spinning Back Cover Design
The back shell of the luminaire adopts aluminum spinning integrated molding process, which has good heat dissipation, simple and beautiful appearance and low cost.
Safe and Reliable With Grade IP65
The silicone sealing strip forms full waterproof structure with mechanical fixing.
Modularized Lens
The lens adopts optical grade anti-UV PC materials with light transmittance reaches above 90%. The lens receives atomization and bead surface treatment and can prevent glare effectively, avoid light spot so as to give out even and tender light.
Large Angle Support
With anti-wind and anti-vibration structural design and technology, it can be applicable to all types of installation areas. Angle is adjustable from -90°to +190°
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