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Area Lights Series

Area Lights Series

Area lights can be used in parking lot, plaza,alley,park,farm, gas station,community,roadway and other outdoor location. Die-casting structure,shockproof, strong corrosion-resistance, 5 installation methods suitable for all kinds of outdoor places . -. 130 LPW lighting effect;

  • Die-casting design, more durable, stronger ;

  • Motion sensor with remote, convenient to set fixtures;

  • PC lens,anti-UV, good aging resistance;

  • one person can instal fixture thanks for the unique straight a

Area Lights Series


ModelColourLumen(lm)LED TypePower (W)Voltage,CurrentCRI
Area Lights 100W5700K130002835100AC100-240V50/60Hz1.2A>80
Area Lights 100W5000K13000
Area Lights 100W4000K13000
Area Lights 100W3500K12300
Area Lights 100W3000K12000
Area Lights 150W5700K200402835150AC100-240V50/60Hz1.8A>80
Area Lights 150W5000K20040
Area Lights 150W4000K20500
Area Lights 150W3500K19500
Area Lights 150W3000K18900
Area Lights 200W5700K253002835200AC100-240V50/60Hz2.2A>80
Area Lights 200W5000K25300
Area Lights 200W4000K26300
Area Lights 200W3500K24400
Area Lights 200W3000K23800
Area Lights 240W5700K317002835240AC100-240V50/60Hz2.7A>80
Area Lights 240W5000K31700
Area Lights 240W4000K33000
Area Lights 240W3500K31000
Area Lights 240W3000K30240
Area Lights 300W5700K378002835300AC100-240V50/60Hz3.5A>80
Area Lights 300W5000K37800
Area Lights 300W4000K39400
Area Lights 300W3500K36800
Area Lights 300W3000K36000


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150 Lm W Led

Round Panel Light

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