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3668 Linear light

3668 Linear light

The product features small size, low power consumption, long service life, low glare value, low heat, etc. This linear light is made up of an independent split type structure, which facilitates the dismantling, replacing of power supply and replacing of light panel. It sends forth linear light and available beam angle has 15°, 30°, 45° and 120°.
The product looks simple, exquisite and graceful and can realize multiple jointing. The product can be widely used in home, school,shopping mall, hotel

3668 Linear light


ModelColourLumenLED TypeLED Qty. (pcs)Length (mm)Voltage (V)Power(W)  (±10%)CRISeriesModel
3668 Linear Light 40WWhite30673030451197100-240 VAC40>80RC01
Neutral White306850/60Hz
Warm White2660
3668 Linear Light 50WWhite40003030561492100-240 VAC50>80
Neutral White400050/60Hz
Warm White3650
3668 Linear Light 75WWhite64003030902389.5100-240 VAC75>80
Neutral White640050/60Hz
Warm White5800
3668 Linear Light 20WWhite16003030251197100-240 VAC20>80RC02
Neutral White160050/60Hz
Warm White1460
3668 Linear Light 25WWhite20003030301492100-240 VAC25>80
Neutral White200050/60Hz
Warm White1825
3668 Linear Light 40WWhite30673030452389.5100-240 VAC40>80
Neutral White306850/60Hz
Warm White2660
3668 Linear Light 40WWhite360028352041197100-240 VAC40>80PC Cover
Neutral White360050/60Hz
Warm White3360
3668 Linear Light 50WWhite450028352521492100-240 VAC50>80
Neutral White450050/60Hz
Warm White4200
3668 Linear Light 75WWhite675028354062389.5<span style="font-family:" font-size:12px;text-align:-webkit-center;white-space:normal;"="">50/60Hz75>80
Neutral White6750
Warm White6300


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Tiltable Downlight

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