High-Tech Reliable Direct Manufacturer

Premium Materials

LEDs, drivers, metals are procured from well-known brands. We only use quality materials.

Innovative Technology

A variety of sensing and control modes are optional, which can realize scene integrated control and make the use of lamps more convenient.

Strict Quality Control

IQC and OQC are fully comply with ANSI standards 100% complete inspection of all finished products.

Quick Shipping

Get your LED lights in 15 to 20 days by cooperating with Signcomplex. Quick and fast shipping ensured.


  • Appearance Design
  • Optical Design
  • Structure Design
  • Software Design
  • IP Grade
  • APP Customization
  • Control Methods
  • Installation Methods

Product Appearance Design

A new design based on shapes, patterns, colors or combinations of products that are aesthetically pleasing and suitable for industrial use.

Optical Design

Determine the optical output angle, light angle and spot, lighting intensity, optical anti-glare and other related photoelectric parameters requirements according to the application environment requirements.

Structure Design

The design is based on the requirements of the application environment to determine the structural system, main structural materials, strength levels, structural load calculations, installation and various safety code requirements.

Software Design

Design control output according to application function requirements, such as product basic function, control function, remote control and mobile phone connection function.

Different Waterproof IP Grades Are Optional

As LED lighting leader, we produce all kinds of waterproof lamps, including IP68, IP67, IP66, IP65, IP64, IP20 to meet commercial and industry lighting.

APP Customization

Design APP operations according to operation requirements, including APP interface, button function, panel operation function, scene and specific function design.

Control Methods

Our LED lamps support a variety of control methods, including induction, remote control, APP control, voice control, Bluetooth control, touch control, and different products have different control methods.

Various Installation Methods

Suspended, surface-mounted, wall-mounted, bracket hanging, or pipe pole are mounting ways that our products are applied to. Different fitting are packaged together with the product to allow you choose the method you prefer.

Professional R&D team, stable performance test

More than 60 technicians, covering ID, optics, ideas, structure, heat and other fields, have complete laboratory and control processes, all products must go through more than 20 inspection procedures before shipment.

Reliable Manufacturing Process

We have 13 fully automated production SMT lines, 24 assembly lines and 4 aging workshops. With this manufacturing capacity, delivery time can be shortened 5-7 days.

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